Upcoming events!

Hello everybody!

Two nice activities are planned next week! At Thursday the 6th of October we have a board change while enjoying a nice meal together(doodle). We can then thank Joren and Karin for everything they did for Pila Ictus. Wytze and Max will officially join the board at that evening. After that we go to the training together.

On the 9th of October we play our first NCS matches! At this afternoon we play three water polo matches against other student sport associations.(doodle) Last season we won the championship, so we need all the help we can get to defend our title! We play in Nijmegen. The swimming pool is named Erica Terpstrabad (kwakkenbergweg 25). We start at 14:00. There are always people travelling together from/to Wageningen with public transport.

Do you want to join with dinner and/or the NCS matches? Then please fill in the doodle's, you can find them in your e-mail inbox!

We hope you are all in for some food, 'gezelligheid' and competitive water polo matches!

See you,

The Board

Dames PI vs Zinkstuk 2011 (1)