Sport rights

Dear members, As of the 21st of September, Sport rights from last year will become invalid. Please buy new ones here: or at the Bongerd desk. When you don't buy new ones before the 21st of September, you have to fill in a new subscription form. Save you and me the work! See you, Read More...

Next NCS match

Dear members, The next NCS match is on Sunday the 9th of October. Safe the date, so that we can defend our champions title with as many people as possible! The other NCS dates will be announced later. See you at the training, The board

First intro training big succes

Dear members, The intro training from Thursday the 8th of September was a big success. The attendance of 26 interested water polo players was higher than we had ever expected. The beers in de Bongerd canteen tasted well afterwards. A lot of Dutch "gezelligheid" made the evening complete. We hope you all liked playing water polo with us! Read More...

AID Sports Market

The Sunday afternoon in the AID is dedicated to all the sports available in Wageningen. Near sports hall the Bongerd is a sports market with stands for all the student sports associations. Pila Ictus will of course be there. Here we can inform you about waterpolo, our training, the matches, our association and the perks Read More...

First training

Hello members and wannabe-members, Thursday the 1st of September is the first occaision for us to play waterpolo in de Bongerd. Are there any of you interested in this training opportunity? Please let us know. See you! The board .